Our Kids Golf Club Subscription Start From £1.99!
Our Kids Golf Club Subscription Start From £1.99!

Terms of Service

We want to make this as simple as possible, so before we get to the legal bit, this is a quick summary (the lawyers tell us that we should point out that this summary does not prejudice the actual agreement, we’re just trying to make things easier).

This is a hire/exchange scheme, so you choose a new set of clubs or a refurbished set (Mulligan Set), then pay monthly on a long term hire agreement. We actively encourage you to exchange the clubs as your child grows. All our clubs are well maintained and looked after to the highest standard. You can cancel at any time, there is a small fee for the collection of the set of clubs.

In summary, this is how our service works:

  1. You need a set of golf clubs for your child, so you have come to us.
  2. You choose a set based on your child’s size.
  3. We provide you with the golf clubs and you pay monthly.
  4. This is a hire/exchange scheme, so instead of paying upfront you pay monthly and hire the set of golf clubs on a long-term basis.
  5. When your child grows out of a set of clubs, come back to us to arrange an exchange. We then send you the next size up and collect the used set.
  6. When you come to exchange we charge a small delivery fee, this is to keep monthly payments low.
  7. You can choose whether you want a new set of clubs or a Mulligan Set.  New sets cost slightly more per month than our Mulligan Sets.
  8. Our Mulligan Sets are used golf clubs returned from members which have been refurbished to a good and safe standard by professional club builders.
  9. You can cancel at anytime by returning the clubs.  There is a small fee to help cover the cost of collecting the set.
  10. What happens if my clubs gets stolen?  If you are with Kondor Kidz Plus you only need to pay the total loss amount.  If you are not with Kondor Cover you will need to pay the current value of the clubs.
  11. With maintenance, whilst you have the clubs you are responsible for looking after it unless you have Kondor Cover then we will cover minor repairs
  12. When you come to exchange we expect a reasonable level of wear and tear – these are golf clubs after all.  However, if there is additional damage we will need to raise the cost with you.  We don’t like charging members for this and would recommend Kondor Cover to avoid any such costs.
  13. We want to keep you as a customer – so we’ll always work hard to keep you happy.
  14. Now time for the legal bit, if you ever have any questions just email us on callum@kondorkidz.co.uk

When joining Kondor Kidz the customer is agreeing to enter into a binding contract between themselves and Kondor Kidz. This agreement stipulates the terms of the hire/exchange service provided by Kondor Kidz. You can view the full contract here.

  • This agreement sets out the terms of the contract between Kondor Kidz and the customer.
  • Kondor Kidz will provide:
    • A children’s set of golf clubs which fits the child.
    • The clubs will be:
      • As specified on the website.
      • Maintained and serviced up to a usable level.
    • An exchange as required, Kondor Kidz may charge a delivery fee for this.
  • The customer will:
    • Pay monthly the stipulated amount at checkout on a monthly basis by direct debit.
    • Store the clubs in a dry, secure place.
    • Look after the clubs to a reasonable standard.
    • Upon exchange, return the complete set of clubs.

A complete set will include the bag and all clubs that come as standard with your set.

  • When receiving the next set of clubs, the customer may pay a small fee for delivery.
  • The customer may cancel the agreement immediately by returning the set of clubs. Kondor Kidz will arrange for the collection of the clubs for a set fee. This fee is currently £8.00 (05/02/2022) but may be set to increase with increasing courier costs.
  • The customer will be liable for any damage caused to the clubs which falls outside of reasonable use (“extraordinary damage”) as deemed by Kondor Kidz.
    • Examples of extraordinary damage would be: Torn Grips (not were worn through normal usage), broken/cracked shafts, missing headcover, broken bags (not were worn through normal usage).
    • Where extra damage has been deemed to have taken place, Kondor Kidz will contact the customer and agree on a reasonable sum to repair this.
  • In the event of a stolen set of clubs the customer will be liable for paying the current value of the clubs.
  • Should we suspect, or confirm fraudulent activity, we reserve our rights to cancel memberships, collect the clubs, and refer such behaviour to the relevant authorities and/or debt collectors for action.
  • Should we verify that you have fraudulently sold the golf clubs, we reserve the right to charge the excess amount of the clubs.

For the full terms and conditions please see here.

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