Our Kids Golf Club Subscription Start From £1.99!
Our Kids Golf Club Subscription Start From £1.99!

About Us

A male child stands in a golf sand bunker. His right hand holds up a golf club, his left hand is lifted triumphantly. He wears a smile and looks to be celebrating. There is a golf buggy in the background on the golf green.
A man and a male child stand on a golf green in front of an ocean view. The man stands behind the child and is guiding him to hold a golf club. They are about to hit a golf ball together. To their right is a golf bag full of clubs.
A female child stands in a golf sand bunker facing away. She is holding a golf club aloft and preparing to hit a golf ball. A male child is crouched on the grass in the background watching her shot.

At Kondor Kidz, we’re committed to overcoming the hurdles families face in introducing their children to golf. From high equipment costs to limited availability, we understand the challenges that hinder youth participation in the sport. That’s why our mission is to make golf accessible and affordable for all aspiring young golfers!

Through our unique subscription service and exchange system, we’re breaking down financial barriers and creating an inclusive golfing community. Every child deserves the chance to thrive on the golf course regardless of financial constraints!


Our Mission

Modernising golf club accessibility with affordable and convenient subscription services for all!

At Kondor Kidz, our mission is to revolutionise the accessibility of golf equipment, bringing a modern and inclusive approach to the sport! Through improving accessibility, we are breaking down barriers and offering a hassle-free experience for all.


We strive to make golf a welcoming and rewarding experience for families of every shape and size! Golf is often perceived as an older person’s sport, and has struggled with a stigma that it’s inaccessible and exclusive. We believe that golf should be enjoyed by people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels!

By offering affordable subscription services, we’re not only making golf more accessible but also removing the financial burden that often comes with purchasing equipment. Our convenient exchange system ensures that children always have the right-sized clubs as they grow! This approach allows families to introduce their children to the sport without the high upfront costs traditionally associated with it.

Through these efforts, we’re not just changing the way golf equipment is accessed; we’re also changing perceptions. Our goal is to create a more inclusive and diverse golfing community, where everyone feels welcome and empowered to pursue their passion for the game!

The Problem

The benefits of golf are hindered by high costs and limited accessibility, excluding many children from low-income backgrounds

Golf offers kids various benefits, but it’s often costly and tough to access. Many families face financial constraints, making it hard for children to enjoy the sport’s advantages. 

Starting a golfing journey requires significant investment in equipment and fees, excluding many kids from low-income backgrounds. This lack of access not only deprives children of physical activity and skill development but also widens inequalities in sports participation. 

By bridging this accessibility gap in golf, we are creating a fairer and more inclusive environment where all kids can thrive, and golf can be preserved for future generations!

Our Vision

Making golf more enjoyable for families of all shapes and sizes!

Our vision is simple: to enrich the enjoyment of golf for families of all shapes and sizes while preserving the sport for future generations.

We envision a future where golf is more than just a sport but a shared experience that brings families closer together! We aim to promote golf as a sustainable sport through our subscription services for junior golf clubs alongside our easy exchange system. By refurbishing our golf sets, we actively minimise waste and reduce emissions, contributing to our sustainability efforts and ensuring a greener future for the sport!

Through our efforts, we aspire to strengthen family bonds, create lasting memories, and inspire a new generation of golf enthusiasts. Join us as we work towards a future where golf is a source of joy and connection for families worldwide, all while preserving the sport for generations to come!

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