Our Kids Golf Club Subscription Start From £1.99!
Our Kids Golf Club Subscription Start From £1.99!
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Our Story

Revolutionising golf for the next generation

Founder of Kondor Kidz, Callum Cooke, on a golf buggy at a golf course at a young age.
A picture of Founder of Kondor Kidz, Callum Cooke, on a golf course, hitting a driver.

An avid golfer since childhood, our founder Callum understood first-hand the joys and challenges of the sport. Introduced to golf by his grandfather, those early memories on the course with his plastic clubs ignited a lifelong passion.

As Callum began his career in the golf industry, he uncovered the barriers preventing many children from experiencing the sport he loves. The expense and lack of accessibility made it near impossible for beginners to start. Determined to make a difference, Callum spent a long time pondering,

"How Can We Do Better?"

One evening, while Callum was driving home from work, inspiration struck! As he passed a billboard for the Bike Club, a circular economy model for bicycles, an idea dawned on him. What if a similar concept could be applied to junior golf equipment? 


We were founded with a clear vision: to provide children from all backgrounds with the opportunity to experience the joy of golf. At Kondor Kidz, junior golf is not just a sport; it’s a platform for children to develop essential life skills, build confidence, and promote physical activity.

Through our unique subscription service and easy exchange system, golf has never been more inclusive, accessible, or affordable!

Kondor Kidz is on a mission to modernise and make golf available for every child, regardless of their financial background! Join us as we continue to empower young golfers and spread the joy of the game far and wide!

Kondor Kidz founder Callum, stands next to a child having their picture taken. They stand on a golf green in their Kondor Kidz golf clothing.
Kondor Kidz logo depicting a condor bird.

Meet Our Team

Callum Cooke

Founder and Director

An image of the founder of Kondor Kidz. He stands on a golf green, holding a putter and smiling
Elliot Olley-McDonagh

IT Manager

Sean Cooke

Finance Director

Head of Finance, at Kondor Kidz, Sean Cooke, is seen playing golf in his Kondor Kidz clothing apparel.

Growing up in Oxfordshire, Callum’s love for golf grew from his early days, spending endless hours on the course with his grandfather.

Throughout the past 8 years, Callum’s career in the golf industry has been diverse, providing him with the expertise needed to kickstart Kondor Kidz. He’s committed to his mission of making golf fun and accessible for kids everywhere!

Growing up in Oxfordshire with Callum, Elliot’s golf adventures began when Callum introduced him to the game, creating the ultimate golfing duo!

Passionate about technology, Elliot is the tech expert at Kondor Kidz ensuring everything runs seamlessly! Leading the way with his innovative ideas, Elliot is the brains behind our online operations.

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