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Measure Up

a young child excitedly being measured by a parent or carer ready to buy a set of Kondor Kidz subscription clubs.
Junior Golf CLub Rental

How to Work out what clubs are best for you

Determine the Ideal Junior Golf Club Size: Measuring a child’s height is the most accurate method for selecting the perfect club size. Although some manufacturers suggest age-based sizing, we at Kondor Kidz recommend focusing on height due to the varying development rates of children.

To accurately measure a child’s height, use a tape measure or yardstick and have the child stand with their back against a wall. Measure from the floor to the top of their head, ensuring they are not wearing shoes and are looking straight ahead. This will help you confidently choose the right club size for your young golfer’s needs.

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Perfect Size

Ensure your junior golfer always has the perfect fit, including left-handed options, with our simple and convenient club exchange system—keeping their game on track as they grow.

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Pay Monthly

Our monthly rates are budget-friendly, with options for all junior golfers. Let us help your young golfer start their journey to mastering the sport!

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Easy Exchange

Our seamless exchange process guarantees that your young golfer always has the ideal equipment for maximum enjoyment and optimal performance on the course.

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