Our Kids Golf Club Subscription Start From £1.99!
Our Kids Golf Club Subscription Start From £1.99!

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Has your child outgrown their golf clubs?

Welcome to the Kondor Kidz easy exchange process! We’ve simplified and streamlined the transition period between sets to be as smooth as possible. Explore our selection of quality golf sets and exchange with confidence at Kondor Kidz!

A black outline icon of a person standing next to a measuring ruler

It's measuring time! Grab the tape measure and check your child's height for their new set. This ensures their new clubs are the perfect size!

Two tick boxes, one empty and one with a cross inside. A hand is pointing at the box with the cross.

Log into your Kondor Kidz account. Select your current set (the clubs that you want to exchange).

Two arrows on top of each other. The top arrow points left, the bottom arrow points right

Now choose your new club set. Remember to select your clubs based on your child's new height measurement!

Once your new club set arrives,  just pack the old set into the packaging we provide and ship them back to us! 

Log in to exchange!

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