Our Kids Golf Club Subscription Start From £1.99!
Our Kids Golf Club Subscription Start From £1.99!


The Journey to a Greener Golfing Future

At Kondor Kidz, we are committed to creating a more sustainable golfing landscape. Our innovative subscription service leverages the circular economy model to minimize waste and reduce the need for manufacturing new products. Learn more about our model and our efforts to make a positive impact by clicking here.

We also focus on small details that collectively make a significant difference. This includes exclusively stocking bamboo tees, a sustainable alternative to plastic, and offering products like clothing made from recycled materials. We reuse cardboard and packaging for shipping orders and feature eco-focused brands such as Verta Golf and Eco-Wow

Collaborative Approach 

In addition to our core activities, we believe it is essential to collaborate with like-minded groups and individuals to broaden our knowledge and understanding. One such group that has been instrumental in optimising our daily operations for maximum efficiency is Circulogic. 

Greener Golf

Another one of those groups is Greener Golf. Greener Golf was founded in 2019 several golf clubs in Leicestershire and Rutland began to share ideas about environmental issues.  At that stage, the issues were mainly to do with wildlife and biodiversity.  Good links were developed with the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust.

After a delay caused by the pandemic, an initial conference was held in September 2021, with about a dozen clubs attending at Longcliffe GC. A Steering Group was set up, which from the start, had support from England Golf.  The group began to plan other events and decided to set up a website, to allow interested clubs to stay in touch, ask questions and share solutions.

The aim of the website is to act as a place where all golf clubs, not just those in Leicestershire and Rutland, can see developments that have taken place elsewhere.  It is hoped that with our help golf clubs can be inspired to meet the environmental challenges that face us all.  If you would like to contribute case studies, photographs for the gallery or documents for our library, please get in touch.  We welcome any fresh material for our site.  We do reserve editorial rights.

The GreenerGolf Network now publishes regular newsletters.  These were originally just to inform people about new material on the site.  More recently, the newsletter has also begun to carry information on our programme of events – our conferences, seminars, visits etc.  We hope it will develop further to carry other news relating to golf clubs and environmental issues.  To join our mailing list for the newsletter please email info@greenergolf.co.uk.  This email address can also be used to ask any questions or provide suggestions and answers.

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Ensure your junior golfer always has the perfect fit, including left-handed options! With our simple and convenient club exchange system, keep their game on track as they grow.

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Our monthly rates are budget-friendly, with options for all junior golfers. Let us help your young golfer start their journey to mastering the sport!

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Our seamless exchange process guarantees that your young golfer always has the ideal equipment. A sustainable option and perfect for optimal performance!

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